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The Postpartum Bundle was created for women who are looking to recover from their recent pregnancy as quickly and as safely as possible!

The programs are deliberately designed to ease you back into training, scale up cautiously, and reintroduce physical demands at the most appropriate times to rebuild your muscle, strength, and most of all, confidence!


This program is meant to be run from the moment you are cleared by your doctor through the full recovery of your fitness!

Each program is 5 weeks (including deloads) which means there are 20 weeks of training in the Postpartum Bundle!  


For more info on best practices as well as how to get the most out of training during this postpartum period, check out our free course: The Comprehensive Guide To Perinatal Training

*You MUST be cleared by your doctor before beginning this training. We also recommend consulting with a Pelvic Floor Therapist throughout your postpartum recovery.