Primary Movement Patterns

Bryce · March 8, 2024

In the gym, mastery of fundamental movement patterns is pivotal; in life, even more so.

These pillars of biomechanics — which also happen to be deeply embedded in our genes — orchestrate how we interact with the world around us. From the relative simplicity of a child’s first steps to the complexity of a Simone Biles floor routine, these movement patterns form the backbone of every voluntary action we undertake.

Each of the six primary patterns we will cover — the squat, hinge, vertical and horizontal press, vertical and horizontal pull — come with their own unique spectrum of progressions and regressions.

The conscientious trainee expertly navigates this gradient to avoid pitfalls while soaking up the gains. The hubristic trainee discounts it to his own detriment.

The conscientious trainee objectively assesses her strengths and weakness, and selects exercises accordingly. The hubristic trainee programs for where she wants to be, rather than where she is.

The conscientious trainee carefully reads and studies this article, taking care to understand not just the examples provided but also the underlying concepts. The hubristic trainee need not continue.

Which trainee do you want to be?

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