The Glute Gospel

Bryce · March 8, 2024

It’s undeniable…We’ve all been bamboozled by the booty.

The Glutes—and the complex of smaller muscles that make up this region— have firmly embedded themselves into the collective cultural consciousness. This fascination has directly led to a ravenous horde of social media accounts, YouTube channels, consumer products, and even entire businesses, all fanatically devoted to worshipping, enhancing, and perfecting the posterior.

Billions of dollars have been funneled into capitalizing on our universal fixation with the rear. Clothing companies employ entire research teams with the sole focus of making their bottoms more “peachy”. Every day, some new product hits the market making the monotonous claim to “tighten” and “firm” the hindquarters—snake oil salesmen have truly struck gold. And if you still need more evidence of just how deep our obsession runs, just look to popular music—at any given moment, half of the top songs on the radio are made in praise of the almighty booty.

Such is the undeniable infatuation that we, as a society, hold for the Glutes.

However, aside from the artificiality of Brazilian Butt Lifts and the enchantment of modern clothing, how do we actually grow this muscle group? And not just grow it, but also ensure that it is strong, functional and healthy?

The answers lie in a comprehensive understanding of the unique gluteal anatomy—including their actions/functions, interactions with surrounding structures, and response to external stimuli—that makes this complex not only the most sought-after aesthetic prize, but also the center of the biomechanical universe.

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