Intensity Techniques

Bryce · March 7, 2024

Intensity Techniques are exactly what they sound like—ways to push your training beyond conventional limits. They are not for the faint of heart or those who haven’t yet mastered the basics. For all of their potential benefits, it comes with a cost—recovery and risk management can be negatively impacted if not carefully monitored. Intensity techniques aren’t to be implemented without deliberate thought and strategic consideration.

But those with resilient technique and a high pain-tolerance—who wish to push beyond the confines of 0RIR and straight sets and 8-12 rep ranges—will be rewarded with gains only previously dreamt of.

I want this article to be a resource for those who are serious about training, yet struggle to remember all of the detail and minutia that come with it. Though there are obviously an infinite number of ways in which intensity can be morphed and molded and shaped into a program, I’m going to speak mostly within the domain of hypertrophy. That is, these are some of the more popular and effective ways in which the concept of intensity can be stretched to make you really jacked.

Each link will port you to a separate article (written by yours truly) that is meant to be a way-deeper-than-anyone-could-ever-need-to-go dive into that particular intensity technique and how it can be applied to your training. I will be updating this index continuously, so make sure to bookmark it and return as often as you need.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump in…

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